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Creating a place of magic in the natural world where nature and people can flourish together

The land at Chesterblade Hills in Somerset has been under the care of Ed Green and his family for the last seven generations. As society and the way people eat changes, so the use of the land changes with it. Chesterblade Hills aspires to be a place where nature and people can flourish together. Land is returning to nature, food is growing in harmony and people can enjoy time here in the natural world without impacting it negatively.

Spend your camping holiday or event at our Green Heart Space or Wild Camp Ground. These off-grid sites have been created for groups to connect with nature and enjoy time surrounded by this beautiful landscape on the edge of the Mendip Hills in Somerset. If you want to help support the work here returning land to nature, Nature Gift is a pledge scheme that directly goes towards tree planting, wildflower meadow creation, pond and dam creation, and installing bird boxes. Donors will be able to come visit the site on Member Days and see for themselves how their contribution has made a difference.

Poppies at Chesterblade Hills
Planting a Tree at Chesterblade Hills

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