Who We Are

Ed Green

Ed has worked alongside his family on the land at Chesterblade Hills his whole life and has held positions on a number of regional and national land based organisations. Alongside spending time in the natural world, Ed’s passions are in music and writing, tennis and cycling, socialising with friends, and exploring life with his wife, Anna Dina and children.


Badger Set at Chesterblade

Bel Barnett

Bel has over a decade’s experience in events and marketing in a wide range of industries including music and natural health. At Chesterblade Hills, she manages and oversees several projects, including the Green Heart Space. Bel has worked on several environmental projects in the past and is a lover of the natural world.

Bel is a qualified Reflexologist and Nutritional Therapist and also performs professionally as a jazz vocalist.


Anna Dina Green

Anna Dina handles new business development across Chesterblade Hills and enjoys making things happen with her entrepreneurial spirit. Past experience launching an ethical, upcycling fashion business in central London, building up a corporate events business spanning three continents, and setting up Sofar Sounds in Frome all add to the great energy she brings to Chesterblade Hills.

She loves going on walks, taking in the wonder of the natural world, dancing, painting, playing the harp and cooking up delicious food for her family and friends.


Anna Dina Green

Claire Dooley

Claire will be developing our connections with the health & wellbeing sector and eco tourism – linking in with local businesses to incorporate nature connection into their working practices.


Chesterblade Hills