Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

February 2022

Well here we are edging towards Spring and leaving the short days and dark nights slowly behind us. The snowdrops are out and primrose leaves are forming. Hope springs eternal and we’ve… 


Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

January 2022

A very Happy New Year to you all and here’s wishing everyone a happy and healthy loop around the sun. Now’s a good time to set some good intentions for the twelve months ahead and make some …


Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

December 2021

The first snow has arrived and the anticipation and excitement of the forthcoming Yuletide celebrations abound! Now is the time for bunkering down around lit fires to contemplate…  

Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

November 2021

The clocks have changed and with it comes a nip in the air. Breathing in the first gulps of fresh, cool air on a November morning is a wonderful sensation however. So let’s embrace this time of bunkering down…


Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

October 2021

Well, it’s definitely become more autumnal now with the nights drawing in, a nip in the air, and the sun staying lower in the sky. But we have an amazing display of leaf colour changes to look forward to

Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

September 2021

As September is in full swing (where did August go!?) there’s a change in the air, hedgerow fruits and nuts are filling out and we look forward to a spectacular display of autumnal colours…


Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

August 2021

Well it’s sunshine and showers in the August holiday season and the Olympics have been inspiring us with tales of endeavour and challenges overcome in weird and wonderful sports we..


Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

July 2021

Everything feels like it’s up in the air and slightly tumultuous…it’s raining heavily in July, we’re finally ridding ourselves of masks, and England are through to a final!!! Here’s to a…

Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

June 2021

Summer seems to have finally arrived with some much welcome sunshine! We enjoyed seeing our first campers of the year the past month and looking forward to seeing more of you this month, taking in… 

Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

May 2021

Well, the weather is weird at the moment and life is all a bit strange as we start feeling our way back into socialising with each other again. It’s been great to see some old faces again and make some happy memories…



April 2021

As Prince once sang, “Sometimes it Snows in April”, and indeed it has this year with some chilly winds from the East blowing through at the moment. The white blossom on the hawthorn is looking is…



March 2021

Well, it’s all gone a bit cold and Spring is shivering its way slowly to the surface, but the shoots are there to give us all hope. Good to see finally we have a roadmap out of restrictions so hopefully we’ll be…



February 2021

Following the snow of recent weeks, Spring is in the air and is slowly feeling its way up through the soil. The approach of Spring is always our favourite time of year…a time of renewal, fresh…



January 2021

Happy New Year to you all! Despite a difficult past year, now is the time for some thoughtful optimism and renewed intent for care and kindness for each other to permeate through…


badger scratches on tree

November 2020

We’re now enjoying the first few frosts and the air has a definite nip in the mornings as the sun disappears from the sky. The blackberries and elderberries were bounteous in the hedgerows this past…


Purple Bellflower at Chesterblade Hills

October 2020

Now the Autumn Equinox has occurred, there’s a new freshness to the air following some beautiful September sun that gave us a fabulous final blast of Summer. Whilst writing this….


Coppiced hazel tree at Chesterblade Hills

September 2020

As Summer departs and September arrives with its autumnal hues, we can reflect back on a strange Summer that has brought both challenges and opportunities. We haven’t met…


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