Jan 2022 news: Barn owls, Conference and Urquart & Hart

Jan 1, 2022 | News roundup, Wild Group Camping Site

Joyous January…Hi everyone!

A very Happy New Year to you all and here’s wishing everyone a happy and healthy loop around the sun. Now’s a good time to set some good intentions for the twelve months ahead and make some positive changes. With these resolutions jotted down, let’s move forward together with hope for a better year ahead…

Barn Owls

Great to see our barn owls appearing again in the fields next to our yard at Chesterblade Hills. They’re always a ghostly wonder to see drifting low over the land. Dermot managed to capture one of them in flight on his phone the other day.

Studio or Office Space Available

One of our studio/offices has become available if anyone is looking for a workspace away from home in a beautiful nature based location with a stunning view. Get in touch with Anna on 07787 154136 or email chesterbladehills@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Oxford Real Farming Conference

We’ve just attended the annual ORFC, an inspiring conference that promotes and educates on the themes of regenerative and agroecological farming and food. Although it unfortunately had to be held online again this year, it was still a fascinating collection of intelligent speakers, talks and discussions. Some interesting moments included work being done by the following organisations if you’re interested in having a look:https://www.holisticrestoration.co.uk

Uruquart & Hart

Each month we feature one of our lovely clients and January’s pinup is Urquart & Hunt. They are a small team of landscape architects and designers, passionate about restorative landscapes. Their projects are based around plantsmanship, landscape design and ecological restoration. They’ve recently finished creating a historical garden piece for a Roman Villa at The Newt, which is due to open spring 2022. Another fully public garden is in Puglia, created and completed during lockdown https://www.instagram.com/giardinipistola/They are also currently creating a show garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show championing the charity Rewilding Britain and the native fauna and flora of the UK.  A piece appeared in the Guardian recently about this: 
https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2022/jan/12/chelsea-flower-show-feature-planet-friendly-garden-designsYou can catch all visual updates on Urquart & Hunt’s Instagram where they document all their work and environmental inspirations. Inspiring and great things being done by these guys!

Green Heart & Wild Camping Bookings

We particularly specialise in group bookings at our two gathering spaces, so if you’re planning a family and friends gathering, a wedding, birthday or anniversary, get in touch as bookings are coming in now for dates through all of this year. It’s a beautiful and tranquil location out in the fresh air, perfect for these times when gathering indoors can be subject to restrictions and cancellation due to the pandemic… Click here to see our campsite.

Caravan/Campervan/Vehicle Storage & Workspaces

We now have facilities available to store undercover vehicles and towing items in secure premises on the farm throughout the year. We also have workspaces available for working on vehicles. Contact Ed on 07966 510552 or email at chesterbladehills@gmail.com for more details.

The Cosmic Calendar

This Thursday, we’ll be entering into the Rowan moon tree month in the Celtic calendar. Celtic druids believed that men were forged from the Ash tree, and women from the Rowan. This tree was often referred to as the tree of life and is associated with humanity, birth, protection and survival. Celts used to carve charms into a bit of a Rowan twig to protect the wearer from harm.

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