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Reenactment event at the Green heart venue

Mar 31, 2022 | Green Heart Venue, Wild Group Camping Site

It was a first for the site to kick off the Spring season this year as we hosted a re-enactment event.  Shortly followed by a weekend of fun for the Adventure Singles Dating group which included a sports day event held in the Green Heart Space.

Transport Your Audience to the Past: The Green Heart Venue – Your Ideal Reenactment Location

Searching for a captivating and authentic reenactment location in Somerset? Look no further than the Green Heart Venue! Nestled amidst the rolling hills of the countryside, this unique venue offers the perfect setting to transport your audience back in time and bring your historical reenactment event to life.

Immerse Your Participants: Step away from the limitations of traditional venues and embrace the natural beauty of the Green Heart Venue. Our field provides the ideal location for reenactments of all sizes, allowing your participants to fully immerse themselves in the historical setting.

Versatile and Adaptable: Whether you’re recreating a medieval battle, a bustling market scene, or a peaceful village gathering, the Green Heart Venue’s diverse landscape can be adapted to suit your specific reenactment event’s needs.

Authentic Ambiance: Enhance the historical authenticity of your reenactment with the venue’s unique features. Utilize the charming wooden cabin as a makeshift tavern or headquarters, while the nearby stream and natural elements add a touch of realism to your event.

Campsite Convenience: Immerse your participants fully in the experience by offering on-site group camping options. Our campsite boasts basic amenities like compostable toilets, while the venue itself offers a comfortable and well-equipped wooden cabin for additional space and convenience during your reenactment event.

Additional Amenities: Elevate your reenactment experience with the venue’s additional amenities. Enjoy delicious meals prepared in the wood-fired pizza oven, utilize the flushing toilets and shower for added comfort, and explore the nearby wooded stream for further immersion in the natural surroundings.

Unforgettable Experience: The Green Heart Venue transcends the concept of simply hosting reenactment events. It provides an immersive and engaging platform for historical exploration, fostering a sense of connection to the past and creating lasting memories for your participants.

Contact the Green Heart Venue today and let our dedicated team assist you in transforming your vision into a truly unforgettable reenactment event.

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