Over the course of 2023, we are transforming the walls of Chesterblade Hills with murals.

Jul 11, 2023 | Chesterblade Hills Yard

The former dairy production yard has been renovated to provide bright and airy artist studios, craft workshops and has become a sustainability working hub in the rural economy for these cherished arts and crafts. We have luthiers making guitars, felting artists who teach internationally,  wool workers who run educational sessions to pass on the knowledge, carpenters who convert vans into amazing tiny living spaces, fine artists and a fitness studio offering personal training and motivation. The dull grey concrete walls didn’t reflect the vibrancy and needed renovation.

We love Mother earth and are doing all we can to protect her in our lifetime on our land. We draw inspiration from the wonders of the natural world around us so that became the brief that a series of artists have been invited to respond to.

Anna Dina’s dream was to have the walls covered with aspects of the Natural world and invited artists to do just that. Of course, each artist has their own style and approach and our yard have become an outdoor galleries. A mural trail of sorts. Some artists were experienced with murals, others doing it for the very first time.

We can’t thank the artists involved enough, namely

Anna Dina, Sandra de Bruijn @sandrasunna, Jon Sikoh, Eddy Whirl, Sue Pearson, Jonathan Minshull, Chloe Steeple, Greg Harding, Lauren Goodman @lau3ngood, Chloë Lund @ceeglif, Gill Sakakini, Heloise Petitpois.

We worked on our paintings, we shared technique and belief systems, laughed and drank hot chocolate into the sunset hours each day for a week as we transformed the yards together.

Here is a link to a little video that Charly Le Marchant made whilst she was on site that week interviewing Ed about the challenges around government backed tree planting schemes.

Chesterblade Hills