It Leaves Me The Same


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The book came about after  a family member found a bag full of letters written home in 1918 during this journey together with a diary, wallet, smoking pipe and tobacco pouch.

“The family didn’t know these old artefacts still existed in the attic. The letters and diary told the story of how my great uncle trained at an army camp in Wyke Regis near Weymouth and then travelled to France and fought with the Dorsetshire Regiment”, said Ed.

The book also explores what farming in Somerset was like during the Great War and how this brought many changes to the countryside and beyond.

“I retraced my great uncle’s journey in 2018, one hundred years after he had. It was a memorable experience to travel through the Somme region and visit some of the many war grave sites there. Hopefully the book helps us remember the sacrifice that many ordinary country folk, like my great uncle, gave for us all”.

Chesterblade Hills